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Solutions and Services

A full range of solutions and services for your business needs.

Improve Internal & External Business Process

Reduce operational costs, enhance client experiences and create a competitive advantage by automating business process workflows. Allow employees, as well as, clients to communicate easily, effectively and securely.

Collect Actionable Data

A complete suite of automatic metadata extraction tools helps to provide insights into your business operations, in real-time, in order to make well-informed decisions. Robotic Process Automation surfaces valuable data, typically trapped on paper documents, and presents them is informative graphs, charts, and tables for easy understanding.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Integrated into one complete platform, P3iD Business Efficiency Center allows organizations of all sizes to design the proper business workflow to fit their specific requirements, yet also stay within budgets.

Content Management

Organize all your business information for easy searchability, to enforce security and provide audit trails.

Data Analytics

A full suite of dashboard visualization tools including charts, graphs, and tables.

Identity Management

Secure on-premise Active Directory authentication without any inbound port forwarding.

Robotic Process Automation

Save time and expense by creating automatic workflow processes to complete tasks efficiently.

Invoice Automation

Improve cash flow and reduce operational costs by automating the data entry of invoices.

Natural Language Processing

Speech recognition to make capturing or editing your electronic documents simple and easy.

Document Classification

Keep your documents organized with classification to enforce policy, kickoff workflow or better searchability.

Encrypted Object Storage

Securely store data at rest with encrypted and randomly segmented objects across hybrid environments.

API Store

Extend the capabilities of our platform through contributing or consuming, our valuable API’s.

Make Your Business Better

Sometimes, the most obvious way to make your business better isn’t so obvious. Together, the experienced P3iD team, as well as our innovative technology, forms the right combination that affords your business a tangible return on investment, with our business process automation workflow expertise.

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