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Streamline Transportation Business Workflows with GlobalSearch® ECM Software

Enable organizations to manage business more efficiently by simplifying the capture, retrieval, and distribution of your business information with GlobalSearch document management software.

SECURITY+AUDITING for your scanner documents by P3iD


Granular security provides user-based sign-in access, keeping databases, archives, documents and feature-level security enforced. Audit trail logs all document actions by date and by user with convenient filtering and export options, to provide visibility into business output.
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Integrate ECM software with the leading business programs including QuickBooks®, Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics™ and more. In addition, gain full document capture and retrieval support right from the control panel of your office multi-functional printer.

MOBILE & FLEXIBLE for document scanning experiences by P3iD


Delivering anywhere, anytime access to documents through the browser from any mobile device, GlobalSearch ECM software keeps processes consistent and your team productive, while offering the same power and capabilities as the desktop client.


GlobalForms web forms management provides a web-based alternative for replacing your paper forms with the efficiency of a digital forms process that steps up the flow of relevant information. Saving your business precious time, money and user resources, while keeping organized.


Trucking Transportation

With millions of trucks on the road 24-hours per day, it can be a logistical nightmare to keep information secured and organized. Allow us to demonstrate how GlobalSearch easily adds value to your organization. 

Trucks move roughly 71.5% of the nation’s freight by weight.
$700.1 billion in gross freight revenues (primary shipments only) from trucking, representing 79.3% of the nation’s freight bill in 2017.
10.77 billion tons of freight (primary shipments only) transported by trucks in 2017, representing 70.2% of total domestic tonnage shipped

297.6 billion miles traveled by all registered trucks in 2017

181.5 billion miles traveled by combination trucks in 2017

Number of Companies: 

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, as of June 2017, the number of for-hire carriers on file with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration totaled 777,240, private carriers totaled 700,591 and other* interstate motor carriers totaled 80,247.

* ‘Other’ interstate motor carriers are those that did not specify their segment or checked multiple segments. All other categories were excluded.

91% operate 6 or fewer trucks.
97.3% operate fewer than 20 trucks.

International Trucking: 

Trucks transported 67% of the value of surface trade between the U.S. and Canada in 2018. 

Trucks transported 84% of the value of surface trade between the U.S. and Mexico in 2018. 

In 2018, the value of truck-transported trade rose 10.2% to $424.0 billion with Mexico; truck-transported trade with Canada rose 3.6% to $348.3 billion.


7.7 million people employed throughout the economy in jobs that relate to trucking activity in 2017, excluding the self-employed

3.5 million truck drivers employed in 2018 (almost unchanged from 2017)

Statistic calculation and tracking by the American Trucking Associations
Trucking and Transportation for Square 9 by P3iD
Digital Innovation by Square 9 and P3iD Technologies, Inc.


Make Your Business Better

  • Digitize your transportation documents for better logistics process.
  • Security Auditing – Securely Login and encrypt data
  • Integrations Capability- Integrate with existing systems
  • Mobile and Flexible: Provides access via mobile devices for those on the go.
  • Digital Forms: Easily kick off process workflows with digital forms

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