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In cooperation with HAIvia, EVS Protects, DocuFi, and Healthcare Infections Transmission System (HITS) Consortium, we are pleased to offer this web page as a collection of valuable information, resources and technology tools.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!

Christine Greene, MPH, Ph.D. EVS Protects, Owner/Operator

Christine Greene, MPH, Ph.D.

EVS Protects, Owner/Operator

Dr. Christine Greene has 10+ years’ experience in epidemiological and laboratory research. She holds a Ph.D. in environmental health sciences and an MPH in hospital and molecular epidemiology from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health.

About this web page

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in one way or another and Work From Home is now more important than ever. So while the experts search for ultimate answer to solve this medical crisis, we would like to do our little part to help everyone get through these challenging times.

The web page, developed in sponsorship by HAIvia, EVS Protects, DocuFi, Healthcare Infections Transmission System (HITS) Consortium, and in collaboration with Fujitsu and AWS, is designed to offer valuable information and provide extreme offers to make your business, or personal life better. Please browse our collection of special offers and claim the ones of most interest to you or claim the entire bundle of offers.


About HAIvia

Make informed decisions to lower healthcare-associated infection (HAI) rates with HAIvia. With the consolidated, visual intelligence HAIvia provides, reduce reimbursement penalty risks, readmission costs, and litigation risks while improving patient outcomes. The HAIvia family of products captures and integrates your business information such as inspection audits, disinfectant events, employee performance, and room activity and assets with data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This creates a visual infection prevention Dashboard with all your infection prevention data in one place.


If you are looking for a specific app with a feature of extensive customization, our apps can become your perfect choice. From changing the look of the interface to installing new modules, we’ll get you covered.


Our apps have fully responsive interface and design that allow our users to run our products on any modern device or gadget, with all their functions available on any platform.


With so many mobile apps being released in such a short period of time, our designers manage to create really catchy and unique designs for our products to stand out.


Soft App support center provides full support and essential maintenance to ensure issues you may have are eliminated early and you get the maximum comfort from using our apps.

The HAIvia family of products captures and integrates your business information such as inspection audits, disinfectant events, employee performance, and room activity and assets with data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

HAIvia COVID-19 offer

HAIvia would like to offer free access to HAC and Infection Data for a single hospital.

Expert blogs from EVS Protects

Protecting the Patient

Pharmaceutical companies spend an enormous amount of time and resources making sure that their products are safe for the patient.  If a sterile drug company fails to do what is expected by a country’s regulatory agency, they will no longer be able to sell product in that country.  One of the key best practices in the pharmaceutical industry is validation of all processes to confirm that their procedures to prevent contamination are acceptable before they can manufacture product for sale.  A facility is not compliant if they have not confirmed that all processes are repeatable and meet specifications.  They also must have established procedures to routinely test finished product, raw materials, water, as well as the environment for contamination. The pharmaceutical industry must take the initiative to prevent contamination of their products and are required to consistently know the ‘health’ of their manufacturing environments so that they do not harm patients. Read more…

Fomite-fingerpad transfer efficiency

Acinetobacter baumannii is a significant health care–associated pathogen because it is easily transmitted via fomites, extremely difficult to eradicate from the environment, and highly drug resistant. Understanding the environmentally mediated transmission dynamics of A baumannii is critical for more effective infection control. However, transfer efficiency of pathogen pick-up and deposit remains poorly understood. Our study estimates the transfer efficiency of A baumannii with and without latex glove use from the fingerpad to a fomite and from a fomite to the fingerpad. Read more…

About EVS Protects

EVS Protects raises the bar for measurable audits within the cleaning industry – providing quality assurance and confidence in the disinfection and cleaning processes for any environment in a way that is SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE and QUICK. We provide an evidence-based, third-party testing of cleaning products and processes that is microbial specific and quantifiable.

How EVS Protects Works

Step 1: Project Start

All the materials you need to collect your environmental samples will be shipped to you, which includes sampling swabs, transport media, sampling templates, insulated shipping box, temperature monitor, cold packs, parafilm and sample documentation (chain of custody sheets).

Step 2: Perform Microbial Swabbing

Our sampling experts will provide you with one-on-one, detailed training on how to perform environmental swab sample collection to ensure consistent and proper environmental sampling. Once collected, samples are shipped overnight to the microbiology testing laboratory. With next-day sample processing, select testing results can be made available as early as 48 hours after receiving samples.

Step 3: Swab Analysis

We use ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratories that have rigorous quality control systems in place to confirm the integrity of your samples and ensure high-quality analysis and reporting of data.

Samples can be analyzed to quantify bacterial counts of all anaerobic bacteria, yeast and molds, or specific microorganisms such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Clostridium difficile, vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE) or many other select microorganisms. In addition, we can perform multiple analysis, all from the same swab sample – saving you time and money!

Step 4: Third-Party Results

A final report, tailored to your measurement needs is provided with results ranging the spectrum from colony forming units (CFU) per cm2 to frequency of identified microorganisms.

Data reporting

You don’t just get the results; you get a scientific report containing all data and appropriate statistical analysis with appropriate graphical representation. As data is collected, you will receive updated reports providing full statistical and trends analysis.

The EVS Protects program uses microbiology to detect and quantify contamination — evidence-based, scientific methods to provide quick, efficient and transparent third-party measurable auditing services that you can trust! Sampling can be performed in any environment (healthcare, food service, pharma, schools and more) to evaluate pre-cleaning, baseline contamination levels and/or post-cleaning to monitor the consistency and efficacy of cleaning processes or for the detection of specific food or clinical pathogens.

ImageRamp Batch Work from Home offer

Sponsored by HAIvia, EVS Protects and P3iD, DocuFi is offering ImageRamp Batch to assist people collect and organize their documents. ImageRamp Batch is an ideal Windows software which can help your business, or even your personal life, stay productive as many of us are Working from Home.

Digital Transformation and Work from Home resource center

A Simple and Easy Dashboard

A new dashboard interface makes it easier to use with access to learning videos and notifications.

Digital Transformation and Work from Home resource center

Image Cleanup for Accuracy

Accuracy is further improved with ImageRamp’s advanced clean up functions. Adaptive thresholding assists in cleaning “dirty” documents or documents that have a colored background which interferes with the foreground data. Learn more clean-up with Improving OCR Accuracy with Image Cleanup and Enhancement.

Digital Transformation and Work from Home resource center

Zonal OCR to save time and money

Use Zone Regions and OCR Confidence to extract the data important to you.

Digital Transformation and Work from Home resource center

Barcode recognition and Text Mining

Barcode recognition, text mining and OCR functions provide ImageRamp Batch with powerful tools to find and extract valuable information from your documents. Batch can search for standard 1D and 2D barcodes to extract information to split, name and route files.

About DocuFi

We have over 35 years’ experience helping clients address business information overload. Whether you need data analytics to guide you to successful business decisions for infection prevention or a capture solution to dig out from underneath all your paper, DocuFi can help.

ImageRamp Batch

ImageRamp Batch adds intelligence and efficiency to maximize your investment in the scanning process and is available in two versions to meet your budgeting needs. Review the ImageRamp Batch Editions to understand which Batch product best fits your needs.

Why batch processing is so valuable

New to batch document processing? Learn more with our tutorial What is Batch Document Processing?

Batch users can process a folder of documents on demand or folders can be “watched” so that any file placed in the watched folder is automatically processed. Run Batch as a Windows Service with email notifications on automated restarts, excessive memory or CPU usage, or any unscheduled stops.

With Batch, convert file formats, read barcodes for file naming, splitting and routing, secure your files by applying digital rights, or create CSV or XML files for indexing into your EMR or document management environment. Additionally with ImageRamp Batch data mine for text to automate the file naming, splitting and routing in your watched folders for automated document processing. Batch provides additional previewing and testing functions to ensure you correctly name, split, route, and clean your documents.

Digital Transformation and Work from Home resource center

Simple Index and Search on documents stored into Access or SQL Server.

Digital Transformation and Work from Home resource center

Documents processed are audited so you can review rejects, quality control and process documents.

Podcasts about Pets and COVID-19 from Pets on Q

Pets on Q is the industry leader in animal marketing, from production to booking a social media influencer. PoQ is leading the charge in changing the industry for the betterment of animals. Using temperament approved and even shelter animals in as much as we can.

About Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime allows Work From Home productivity with a feature-rich set of video and audio conferencing capabilities. Provide effective communication internally within your organization, as well as with customers, partners and prospects.

Amazon Chime logo

Amazon Chime offer

Amazon Chime is offering a special promotion for both current Amazon customers and also non-Amazon customers. Please claim your offer by visiting the Amazon website by clicking the button below.

Document Assembly Software with OCR

Documentation is necessary when applying for services such as small business relief, payroll protection or unemployment. DoxaScan Composer is a feature-rich document assembly software application that provides all the basic functionality you need to organize all your personal and professional documents with features such as OCR, annotations and document assembly.

DoxaScan Composer - Database of COVID-19 and healthcare related documents

About P3iD Technologies

P3iD offers a broad range of business efficiency solutions focus on document imaging with document scanners and associated cloud-services. P3iD flagship product, DoxaScan Composer is a great technology tool to get your documents neat and orderly.

DoxaScan Composer Work from Home

To assist people get their documents organized, HAivia and EVS Protects have sponsored a special offer for a complimentary version of DoxaScan Composer through the end of the year. This is a $195.00 value with no credit card required and available as an immediate download.

The DoxaScan family of document process automation tools helps automate your document workflows with ease. Complex tasks are made simple by intuitively secure and accelerate documents throughout your organization.

Document Scanning Solution

Get your paper documents digitized quickly, easily and affordably. Working remote is not easy unless your files are electronic and easily searchable. Therefore, we are offering a simple to deploy and easy to use document scanning solution.

Powered by AWS logo

Professional hosted servers in Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows organizations to quickly deploy a fully-functional document scanning solution in literally just minutes.

Low Subscription Pricing

Offered as a low monthly susbription fee, the cost justification to offer remote workers this highly effective document scanning solution can easily justify itself with just 1-2 hours work of enhanced productivity, or better yet, no frustration getting the job done!

NXWorld is a website dedicated to the quickly evolving technology and partner ecosystem focused on the Fujitsu NX Manager server platform.

Device Management

In conjunction with AWS, we are offering to professional host a scanner management server for you so you don’t have to worry. Just simply subscribe to our Central Admin Server offering and we’ll have you operational in just minutes.

Job Management

A professional hosted and managed job management server, in cooperation with AWS allows administrators to create a document scanning job profile and push out to the touch screen of the scanner for extreme ease of use and efficiency.

Create web-based electronic process flows with ease. Setting up new workflow processes from scratch using the easy drag-and-drop designer interface could not be easier.

Flow Automation Software

Create web-based electronic process flows with ease. Setting up new workflow processes from scratch using the easy drag-and-drop designer interface could not be easier. Or simply upload an existing file, let the software automatically detect fillable fields including digital signatures, and then set you approval forms into action in no time at all. For the ultimate in efficient business document process efficiency, you can even scan directly into flow automation process to allow your business to not only survive COVID-19, but actually thrive, with digital transformation.

Digital Transformation with Flow Automation Software

Flow Automation provides workers the proper tools to get their work done quick and efficiently. Our solution is simple to implement for administrators and easy for users to learn and operate. Digital transformation with flow automation has never been easier.

Flow Automation for Finance


Help increase efficiency with purchase order and invoice processing:


  • Expense forms
  • Invoices
  • Reimbursements
  • Purchase orders
Flow Automation for Sales


Build better customer relationships and close deals faster:


  • Vendor contracts
  • NDA agreements
  • Proposals
  • Customer onboarding
Flow Automation for Operations


Enable your team to work and collaborate more efficiently:


  • Supplier setup
  • IT requests
  • Work orders
  • Design annotations
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has reimagined cloud for the most important enterprise applications. It runs with a Generation 2 offering and provides consistent high performance and unmatched governance and security controls.
The EVS Protects program uses microbiology to detect and quantify contamination — evidence-based, scientific methods to provide quick, efficient and transparent third-party measurable auditing services that you can trust!
We have over 35 years' experience helping clients address business information overload. Whether you need data analytics to guide you to successful business decisions for infection prevention or a capture solution to dig out from underneath all your paper, DocuFi can help.
The Healthcare Infections Transmission System (HITS) Consortium looks to promote public health by reducing healthcare-associated infections through the integration of best infection prevention practices. HITS will focus on the major pathogen transmission systems in the healthcare setting specifically; surfaces, person to person, water and air.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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