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AI for Metadata Extraction

A Proven Process Time & Time Again

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next wave of document automation technology to bring quicker value to organizations. Whether used as a standalone capability, part of a robotic process automation (RPA) system or a document capture workflow, AI provides high levels of accuracy with considerably less setup and training costs.

Some obvious benefits of AI metadata extraction include:
• “Simple Start” requires less setup, no templates, and no coding
• Support a wider range of document types
• Greatly improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Our “Simple Start” process often requires a few sample documents for our Artificial Intelligence system to learn. Generally, a set of 20 documents for a particular set is recommended for testing purposes to ensure success the first time out.


Once the Artificial Intelligence learning is complete, then extending capture to the edge of business networks is easy and simple. Working with P3iD, all organizations need to do is deploy easy instructions and users are ready to go!


Through many convenient methods including scanning documents, capturing images from smartphone cameras, faxing, image upload or automatic migration, this offers extreme ease of operation depending on how users wish to work.

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