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P3iD MobileBot

P3iD MobileBot allows workers to capture information in the most efficient process for their particular use case whether it be from an electronic form, a picture from their cell phone camera or collecting a batch of images from a document scanner.

Business Efficiency

Enhance your revenue cycle with easy capture of information from the mobile workforce and users working-remote using P3iD MobileBot.

Rapid Deployment

A simple design interface allows non-technical persons to use zero-code P3iD MobileBot XML to create workflows and push into production within just minutes.

Integration Platform

Create additional value for P3iD MobileBot with third-party software integrations and developer tools to extend capabilities across the enterprise.

P3iD MobileBot’s Simple Admin Console

The P3iD MobileBot administration console provides for one view into an entire mobile data capture strategy to maximize total cost of ownership.

P3iD MobileBot allows iOS and Android users to operate supported document scanners from their mobile devices and ‘pull’ images to their phones or directly into a workflow process.

With a simple low-code/no-code visual design console, system administrators can create advanced workflows in minutes and push to an entire fleet of mobile-enabled users.

Use cases for P3iD MobileBot

P3iD MobileBot with supported document scanners have many vertical market use case applications including internet cafes for mobile-enabled patrons to operate a community scanner, healthcare workers traveling hospital floors with tablets, or any industry that has a mobile-enabled workforce which prefer the quality of image produced or convenience of batch scanning that a document scanner can provide versus a smart phone camera.


Highlights of P3iD MobileBot: 

  • Enhanced user experiences for authentication, image preview and convenience
  • User selectable capture via eForm, smart-phone camera and/or supported document scanners
  • Easy, yet extremely flexible, low-code/no-code administrative design interface

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