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About P3iD Technologies, Inc.

About Us

P3iD Technologies believes that business processes don’t need to be so complex and costly.  P3iD operates under the core belief that each company’s success is built upon three key factors of the P3 Principle; people, process, and partnerships. When the three are properly cultivated, groomed and nurtured, success is the imminent outcome.

Our Mission

P3iD Technologies develops and integrates, an extensible modular platform for capture, extraction, and securely encrypted storage of documents and data. Based on modern client, mobile, and cloud-based business process solutions, it’s augmented by impenetrable ID verification security, blockchain technology, and speech technology to serve enterprises of any size.

The P3 Principle

The P3 Principle translates into listening to people; our clients’ pains, to provide the best possible solution to accommodate their direct needs. Our pursuit to develop solutions for processes that make your business better, and to nurture our strategic partnerships, to bring our clients the state-of-the-art solutions they deserve.