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The Business Efficiency Center platform

Working in tandem, the Business Efficiency Center (BEC) platform, and the DoxaScan™ module, ingest document images from any device. The platform automatically recognizes manipulates, and transforms images into useful data to improve your overall organization’s efficiency, as well as for business analytics purposes.

What Sets Us Apart

Securely connecting hybrid environments, is difficult. We make it easy with no firewall port forwarding and no copying of your active directory. Traditionally, connecting on-premise active directory to cloud services requires an inbound port exception. With our solution, connecting on-premise active directory does not require an inbound firewall port exception.

P3iD Technologies - No firewall port forwarding for authentication and other network services
P3iD Technologies - Security portfolio

P3iD Management Dashboard

A single pane of glass with the P3iD Management Dashboard, provides a complete view of all critical business activities to maintain the proper balance of access, while still providing extreme security controls. With easy to use graphical user interfaces, fully functional mobile or desktop workflow applications, can be designed in just minutes.

Join Our Technology Coalition

Our ever-growing technology consortium is inclusive of individuals and companies that can contribute component value into a flexible and modular platform. In this way, the platform is as simple or robust as the client prefers. This also means that modules can be added as your business and requirements change.

Join the P3iD Technology Coalition
Xiid Identity Management with P3iD DoxaScan secure scan-to-cloud integration
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"Working with the P3iD Technologies team has been great in delivering new and innovative ideas for our industry-proven business efficiency solutions."

-Ed Amash, iKAN Software

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