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Simplifying Complex Data Capture

The highly secure document & data platform for capture, extraction, and storage.

Document Management

Why We Do What We Do: We believe that the most efficient and expeditious way for enterprises and OEMs to offer an extensible and modular capture solution is to utilize our exceptional People, Processes, and Partners (P3).

How We Do It: Like the finest Michelin 3-star restaurant, it all starts with the best ingredients. By working with the most innovative technology vendors, we integrate these ingredients into a workflow that is superbly architected to provide impenetrable identity security, image manipulation, data capture and storage to restricted or private clouds.

P3iD ScanBot

A centralized scanner control system with dashboard analytics plus scanner, user and workflow management.

P3iD MobileBot

A mobile capture platform for iOS and Android with low-code workflow for rapid deployment to users.

Secure ID Management

P3iD Technologies ensures the highest level of data security by providing a secure Identity Management system based on concepts of Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Hybrid Terrestrial & Cloud Services

We provide a full suite of business productivity solutions, including automatic metadata extraction via robotic process automation as well as natural language understanding.

Flow Automation

Digital flow automation provides great cost savings by allowing systems and users to be more efficient in the work process. Status of work is always available for great transparency.

Enterprise Level Security With Consumer-like Simplicity In An IoT World

Providing unparalleled user experiences with simple single-sign-on identity management, yet still, provide the highest level of network security for your data-in-motion or data-at-rest. Allow users to work anywhere, anytime and any place from an IoT device of their choice with the peace of mind that data is safe and secure. Security your CIO would be proud of!

Enterprise Level Security With Consumer-like Simplicity In An IoT World
P3iD Document Processing solutions for Healthcare, Retail and Government

Setting A New Standard for Business Efficiency Solutions

Enhancing business activities by creating process automation workflows which allow businesses of all sizes to reduce operational costs, create competitive advantages and improve client experiences. P3iD Technologies offers a full suite of automation technology microservices that easily create end-to-end business productivity workflows for documents and data.

Rely on P3iD To Get It Done

P3iD Technologies is the innovator and developer that behaves more like a consultant and business partner to work closely with your organization, whether your processes are terrestrial- or cloud-based. Our team gives you access to the experience, skill, and technologies needed to maximize your document, data & business productivity.

Simplifying Complex Document & Data Capture has never been easier!

“P3iD has a vision of what modern business efficiency solutions through AWS should be with their Secure Channel Services.”

-David Wilson, CEO, DocuFi

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