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Franchise owner Reduces cost with Distributed Capture

A large Franchise organization with 31 store fronts (tire stores and oil change centers) was struggling with revenue losses as business documents could not be accessed quickly when needed.  The result was lost revenues via credit card disputes, refunds, and damaged customer satisfaction.  Additionally, there were no measurable events to drive consistency across the multiple locations providing basically the same services with widely varying results.  While an intelligent Point of Sale system was in place it could not store or manage the receipts created and signed with each service activity.
This organization determined they could add technology from Business Process Automation Company/ P3iD to assist them in capturing and tracking the information, securely storing it online, and centrally managing it across all locations from the cloud.   Initially they chose to implement at 4 locations allowing a week for each location to come online.   Using P3iD hosted solution this effort was reduced to about ten minutes per location for installing the technology at the initial sites.  System training and education for the storefront resources was delivered in person taking about an hour per location.  All said the first four sites were in production within the first week. 

After about 30 days of productive use as defined by the Franchise group, they considered the initial roll-out a success and began the next phase.  Phase 2 consisted of an additional 27 locations to be implemented with the same capabilities.  This time, the devices were shipped to all 27 locations and using P3iD capabilities, the devices were connected to power and the network by the storefront team members.   Once plugged in the cloud definitions were already in place and the devices were ready for use.  No configuration, no PC connections, no driver loading, and no job definitions required… just plug them in and they work.  The phase two locations were implemented within a week. Yes, 27 additional locations brought online within a week!  The reduction of implementation time is a benefit of the P3iD solution design process and utilization of cloud infrastructure.  Compressing the time to productive use accelerates multiple factors within an organizations return on investment calculations, saving the organization money spent on the project.

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Currently the 31 locations are capturing their documentation daily and within the first 6 months have processed about 100,000 pages of business documents.  P3iD is providing statistics to the business and IT teams daily, with page and document volumes, location specific details, errored events and much more.  This insight into the process has received high praise from the CIO and the two IT managers who are reviewing this data daily.
The Franchise has realized significant savings.  Reductions in off-site storage costs (approximately $4000 per month), reduced refunds, nearly eliminated credit card disputes and improved customer satisfaction.  Additionally, they now have immediate online access to all receipts and daily reports as well as new insights into their business activities and daily volumes.
If your organization suffers from any of the following problems, give us a call we can help and save your organization significant dollars.  
  • Paying too much for off-site box storage (one fee to store, another fee to pick-up, another fee to return, another fee to fax) fee increases without any new value
  • Bad debt
  • Credit card disputes
  • Refunds due to lost receipts
  • Inability to produce a record for a customer service request
  • Inability to share business information from one location to another
  • IT unable to know if devices are working at remote locations
  • Lack of centralized IT management tools
  • many more…

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