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P3iD Technology Adoption Program (P3iD-TAP)

As a trusted business partner, P3iD Technologies would like to cordially invite you to participate in our Technology Adoption Program (TAP). Below are some of the highlights of our program.

P3iD Technology Adoption Program

Exclusive access to new and innovative technologies

About P3iD-TAP

The P3iD Technology Adoption Program (P3iD-TAP) is an exclusive, by invitation-only, program where strategic, and trusted business partners, are offered unique access to upcoming P3iD technologies and solutions.

Test, trials and proof of concepts for P3iD innovative technologies
P3iD TAP - Technology Adoption Program

contribute to the future of technology innovation

P3iD-TAP process

The P3iD team will provide pre-announced technology. Early access to these technologies for preview will allow your organization to have advanced notice in order to properly plan for marketing, sales and support activities to give your business a competitive advantage in working closely with P3iD as a strategic partner.

In exchange for your cooperation to evaluate our technologies, P3iD will offer the following:

Hardware & Software to try new technologies in your own environment

Exclusive technical training to have a competitive advantage

First level technical support to resolve issues quickly

Early adopter sales leads for these technologies

Apply to P3iD-TAP now

Please complete the form below to apply for the P3iD Technologies Technology Adoption Program (P3iD-TAP). We will review your application and contact you with next steps.

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