SEPTEMBER 4-5, 2019

P3iD Technologies to sponsor Capture 2019 and demonstrate secure scan to cloud solutions

SILICON VALLEY, CA  (August 23, 2019) –  P3iD Technologies, Inc., a software development and solutions company, is pleased to announce the company will be a technology sponsor for the Harvey Spencer Associates (HSA) Capture 2019 conference. The conference will take place on September 4th and 5th at The Mansion in Glen Cove, New York.

Capture 2019 is the premier industry event for the document imaging, robotic process automation (RPA) and capture industry. Vendors share and learn current market requirements to develop new and innovative solutions which align with customer demand.

“The Capture industry is categorically in transition as cloud computing has become a strategy, not an option, for all vendors,” said Kevin Neal, President of P3iD Technologies, Inc. “However, it’s not easy to make this transition for many reasons, both technological as well as business. With P3iD’s industry experience, security portfolio, as well as our desire to partner with complementary technology vendors, makes the Capture 2019 conference an advantageous event for all to design the right types of solutions to meet precise customer demands.”

At Capture 2019, P3iD will be demonstrating the latest release in the DoxaScan Platform with DoxaScan Composer. Composer is an easy, affordable and flexible, document assembly and scanning application. DoxaScan Composer is integrated with cloud capture services, built with high-security identity management. Additionally, incorporating the TWAIN Direct scanning technology, DoxaScan Composer meets the needs for a modern secure scan-to-cloud solution.

To schedule a meeting with P3iD at Capture 2019, please contact us at or 408-785-2005.


About P3iD Technologies, Inc.

P3iD Technologies develops and integrates, an extensible modular platform for capture, extraction, and storage of documents and data. The company focuses on a modern approach to innovative business process automation solutions. P3iD maintains a strong emphasis on security by integrating patent-pending identity management and encryption technologies. Your organization’s success is our success.

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What to expect to see on display at HSA Capture 2019








DoxaScan Composer

will be on demonstration showing the benefits of ease of use, combined with a full, rich feature set of functionality to improve the document automation processes. Some key features and functionality include simple login with single sign-on authentication, effective capture with cloud AI engines as well as natural language understanding.

TWAIN Direct integration

with DoxaScan provides the latest in PC-less scanning for mobile and cloud environments. DoxaScan integrated with TWAIN Direct technology can be seen at the Harvey Spencer Associates Capture 2019 event on September 4-5, 2019, in Glen Cove, NY. 

P3iD will also address the conference

as a thought-leader on the importance of modular and extensible platforms for capture, extraction, and storage of documents and data based on modern client-, mobile- and cloud-based business process enhancement solutions, augmented by impenetrable ID verification security, encryption, and speech technology to serve enterprises. 

Your Host

Kevin Neal, President & CEO of P3iD Technologies, Inc.

Reach out to us to meet at the conference or have a discussion afterward about how P3iD can customize and deliver a secure document capture solution for you.

A Word From Our Founder

Having spent over 25+ years in the capture industry at market-leading companies, I have certainly seen my fair share of change. The current transformation we are experiencing in the capture industry is like nothing we’ve witnessed before.

As Capture 2019 approaches, it’s time for the Capture industry to come together to help drive adoption of the beneficial technologies available to us in today. For the advantage of end-users and businesses alike, know-how, automation, and tight security, enrich people’s lives.

As it stands today, at no time have I witnessed such vast opportunity materializing as with the current technology convergence of traditional capture and contemporary cloud technologies. This union affords everyone with a huge opportunity to solve multifaceted problems. Multi-part complications such as hybrid-cloud connectivity with web services and ensuring the highest levels of security in business environments. Modern software development architecture affords us an unprecedented opportunity to face these complexities head-on, resolve them, and push our industry into the future.

In conclusion, thank you to everyone at Harvey Spencer for providing our industry a place to assemble, share ideas, and engage in discussion. I look forward to speaking with everyone at the Capture 2019 Conference in September.

All the best,

Kevin Neal
President & CEO, P3iD Technologies, Inc.

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