Why TWAIN Direct matters…

and why it should matter to you

A recording of our live webinar on the topic of TWAIN Direct®, an emerging standard for software application and document scanner device connectivity.

Why TWAIN Direct® matters... and why it should matter to you recorded webinar

As an open source project, developed by the not-for-profit TWAIN Working Group, TWAIN Direct® is a RESTful API that offers savvy software developers an incredible opportunity to create new and innovative document scanning applications to fit the needs of modern business efficiency systems.

This webinar focused on innovation with new use cases and business value that is unique to TWAIN Direct® which cannot be currently achieved with USB-attached and legacy software applications.

Topics covered included the following:

• TWAIN Direct® versus legacy document scanner deployment
• TWAIN Direct® use cases for mobile/cloud services
• Business benefits of TWAIN Direct® versus traditional USB-attached scanners
• The future of document scanning with TWAIN Direct®

TWAIN Direct® resources —
TWAIN Direct® Website: https://twaindirect.org/
What is TWAIN Direct® video?: https://vimeo.com/393739878
ISVs – What are YOUR benefits with TWAIN Direct® Adoption? video

TWAIN Working Group resources —
TWAIN Working Group website: http://www.twain.org/
TWAIN Working Group membership: http://www.twain.org/membership/

P3iD Technologies resources —
Technology Adoption Program. Exclusive access to new and innovative technologies for end-users and partners
1. Go to the TAP application: https://p3idtech.com/tap/
2. Select ‘TWAIN Cloud’ or ‘DoxaScan TWAIN Cloud’ in drop-down
3. Tell us a little about your project

TWAIN Direct as a Business Strategy, not just a Technology

This is a recorded webinar on “TWAIN Direct as a Business Strategy, not just a Technology” where we discuss how to monetize an open source technology such as Red Hat did with Linux, Netflix is doing with it’s OSS project and IBM is doing with Hyperledger Blockchain.

When organizations seriously consider the importance of ‘capture’ to their business, then open source should be strategy and not just a technology.

PDF/R (PDF Raster), the Image File Format of the Future

PDF/R is the latest standard in Image File Formats which is an ISO standard, lighweight design and easy to implement.

The TWAIN Direct specification supports native PDF/R creation directly from the document scanner itself which means less development complication, less software licensing headaches and a future proof image format.

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