Scanner Central Admin



Improved efficiency by managing multiple scanners through one software

Main features of the Scanner Central Admin application include installing and updating software and drivers, updating and migrating settings, and monitoring/managing scanners over the network in real time.

Installing and updating scanners

Easily install and update drivers, essential software and settings for multiple scanners at a time with this function. This is especially useful when introducing a large number of scanners in multiple places, where installing each scanner one by one in each place would be very time-consuming.

Monitoring scanners during operation

Conveniently check the current operating status of any scanner from one console. This function enables administrators to monitor the status of every scanner in the network in real time, and be notified when an error occurs or when a consumable part needs replacement. This ensures that the scanning environment is always maintained comfortable for all operators.

Managing scanners

The Scanner Central Admin Console makes it possible to manage up to 1,000 scanners over a network with scanner information such as model name, system, firmware, and driver version that is automatically registered to the application when connected to the network. The grouping capability of this application helps administrators manage certain scanners as a group, for instance by department, which may require unique settings for specific jobs. With this application, administrators can procure consumables depending on the usage of each scanner, update software at an appropriate timing, and optimize scanner placement.

Setting Migration

The Scanner Central Admin allows administrators to share user-specific scan settings and data, and customized scan jobs across multiple scanners, eliminating the hassle of adjusting settings for each scanner.

*This function is available for N7100.

*To use Scanner Central Admin on Windows, you need to purchase a CAL (Client Access License). For details about Client Access Licenses, please contact Microsoft.