PaperStream Capture




Improve work efficiency through automated batch scanning processes

PaperStream Capture is simple and easy to use. Users can configure scanning profiles or templates with an intuitive wizard, and start scanning with just a single click of an icon. It visually displays files as thumbnails, organize thumbnails according to scanning batches, and switches real-time, between display settings.

Customizable and predefined profiles

Predefined templates and extraction options reduce time spent on administrative operations. Administrators can also lock profiles to perform consistent scanning.

Multiple scanning options

Users are able to scan in accordance to personal preferences without hassle. Simple batch scanning is possible with default settings and predefined templates while quick non-profile scanning can be done with Simple Scan. Users are able to perform one-off scans with Ad Hoc Scan as well and this allows users to perform quick scans with temporary changes in existing profiles.

Boosted productivity with efficient functions

Documents can be separated according to blank pages, page numbers, patch codes, Zonal OCR, and barcodes. Assignment of shortcut keys for manual separation during scans is possible for complete control of sorting processes. While such sorting includes any combination of multi-index value or barcode and Zonal OCR, data from such sources can be extracted for data retention and future use.


Automatic image quality check

Prevents overlook of scanning errors with Automatic Image Quality Check. Instantly recognize any multi-feed and error with easily recognizable color marking: multi-feeds boxed in red, blank documents in black, and missing edges in yellow.


Image enhancement

Instantly selects the best image without the need for any fine setting adjustments. Makes automatic image enhancements and replace unsatisfactory scans with the best scans with Assisted Scan.