PaperStream Capture Pro

Simple and Powerful Front-End Capture Software

PaperStream Capture Pro helps organizations ranging from small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises reduce costs, minimize resources and increase business efficiency within their document scanning processes. It offers cost-effective improvement tools such as PaperStream IP for optimized image capture. This solution benefits organizations and departments that require an efficient yet easy way to convert paper documents into a digital file for high level data indexing and extraction.

A high-quality, front end scanning software enhances Fujitsu fi Series’ superior scanning abilities with an improved feature set that includes options for high level data extraction and indexing, the import of electronic images, and support for multi-station licensing. It allows organizations to quickly translate paper-based data into valuable business information so they can easily manage, search for and leverage business critical content in their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.




Optimize productivity and work efficiency

Scan, check, index, confirm, and release alone, or with multiple users by introducing the multi-station mode*. The entire digitization process is simple and facilitates task sharing, promoting the sharing of responsibilities and the reduce individual workload. Team managers can keep track of overall progress with ease using batch manager. Utilize operation data keeping track of information, such as hours spent on each process, to improve general work efficiency.

*To develop a multi-station structure, you need to set up two computers or more in all, a computer for a PaperStream Capture Pro Scan Station and at least one computer for a Scan Station or a QC/Index Station.

Perfect fit for crucial business operations

The PaperStream Capture Pro supports a variety of sorting functions, up to 100 direct input values such as barcodes (including two dimensional codes) and OCR results. Accurate data input is enabled by providing each field with check functions of input values or a range of numbers.


The PaperStream Capture Pro now features improved and enhanced capabilities that are compatible your organization’s backend operations after the capturing process. Users are able to integrate the software with remote folders, SharePoint, Box, and other third-party services, or develop your own integration features in order to facilitate the use of scanned images for various operations.

Advanced image processing functions of the PaperStream IP dedicated driver

By integrating the dedicated driver for the fi Series image scanners for professional use, PaperStream IP, a variety of functions becomes available.

After Scan Correction (ASC)

This function is to realize high quality image correction without the need for rescanning. PaperStream IP’s functions remove the need to manage original documents for QC use and it allows easy output of optimized image data and reduce workload for operators.


Importing image data

You can use the advanced image processing functions of PaperStream IP for imported image files* that are generated by devices other than scanners.


*For importing, an additional paid license is required.