P3iD presents Secure Capture for Cloud Applications

A presentation on the Opportunities and Challenges as the Capture document scanner hardware and data capture software industries both transition to cloud services.

P3iD ScanBot

A centralized scanner control system with dashboard analytics plus scanner, user and workflow management.

P3iD MobileBot

A mobile capture platform for iOS and Android with low-code workflow for rapid deployment to users.

P3iD presents Secure Capture for Cloud Applications

The topic of Cybersecurity was a hot topic at the Infosource Capture 2021 conference. Join this informative webinar as we present an encore presentation of “Secure Capture for Cloud Applications”.

As the Capture industry evolves, cloud computing presents a great opportunity for software and hardware companies to deploy solutions more rapidly.

However, a rush to embrace cloud computing without careful consideration of critically important cybersecurity technologies and concepts are putting your business, your customers and your career at great risk.

In this recorded webinar, we discuss the important considerations, and big mistakes to avoid, that Capture software and hardware companies make when moving to the cloud.


  • Identity and Access Management
  • All encryption is not created equal (Heartbleed vulnerability example)
  • Network security concepts of Zero Trust (SolarWinds example)
  • Blockchain use cases for document capture

If you would like to submit questions or comments prior to the webinar, then please send an email to cybersecurity@p3idtech.com.

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