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SEPTEMBER 5-6, 2018

P3iD Technologies, Inc.

an Associate member of the TWAIN Working Group will be demonstrating ground-breaking TWAIN Direct technology at the Harvey Spencer Associates Capture 2018 event as a Technology Sponsor, September 5-6, 2018, in Glen Cove NY. The technology will have its basis in TWAIN Direct.

P3iD will also address the conference

as a thought-leader on the importance of modular and extensible platforms for capture, extraction, and storage of documents and data based on modern client-, mobile- and cloud-based business process enhancement solutions, augmented by impenetrable ID verification security, blockchain technology, and speech technology to serve enterprises. If you would like to meet with us at the conference, please email either of us below.

Your Hosts

Kevin Neal, Founder & CEO of P3iD Technologies

John Capurso, Sr. Vice President of Business Development

Reach out to us to meet at the conference or have a discussion afterward about how P3iD can customize and deliver a document capture solution for you.

A Word From Our Founder

Having spent over 25+ years in the capture industry at market leading companies, I have certainly seen my fair share of change. The current transformation we are experiencing in the capture industry is like nothing we’ve witnessed before.

As Harvey Spencer – Capture 2018 approaches, it’s time for the Capture industry to come together to help drive adoption of the brilliant, and extremely beneficial, technologies available to us in today’s market. For the advantage of end-users and businesses alike, know-how, automation and tight security, enrich people’s lives.

As it stands today, at no time have I witnessed such vast opportunity materializing, as it is with the current technology convergence of traditional capture and contemporary cloud technologies. This union affords everyone a prodigious opportunity to solve multifaceted problems. Multipart complications such as hybrid-cloud connectivity with web services, and ensuring the highest levels of security in business environments. Modern software development architecture affords us an unprecedented opportunity to face these complexities head-on, resolve them and push our industry into the future.

In conclusion, thank you to everyone at Harvey Spencer for providing our industry a place to assemble, share ideas, and engage in discussion. I look forward to speaking with everyone at the Capture 2018 Conference in September.

All the best,

Kevin Neal
Founder & CEO, P3iD Technologies, Inc.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

Reserve a meeting with Kevin or John at Capture 2018

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